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sandiego_lolita's Journal

San Diego region lolitas!
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Welcome to sandiego_lolita, a seedling LiveJournal community dedicated to meet ups by in the San Diego, California region by girls interested in Japanese street fashions, mainly lolita.

With that said, this community is currently UNDER HOSTESS APPROVAL for new membership. Don't worry, there is no litmus test involved in joining. I will simply see that you have a valid livejournal account and didn't make it up overnight.

Also remember, all Japanese fashion groups are also invited to join us!

.1. Please stay on topic. This is a community dedicated to the lolita fashion in San Diego. We don't want to know about your dad who just got promoted and is going to take you fishing next weekend.
.2. Treat people how you want to be treated. Simple as that. If someone posts a picture of themselves, please don't be rude just to be rude.
.3. sales posts ARE allowed. And here I am directly copying egl's rules on this:
All sales and store advertisements must be placed under a cut. Internet store sales and direct sales may be posted once. Online auctions may be posted twice, once near the beginning of the auction, and once near the end. Additional advertisements are subject to mod approval. Updates for online stores, selling journals, and commissioners should be kept to a minimum. Please keep these updates to no more than twice a month.
All text and images of a sales post must be under a lj cut. This includes all images images and all text.

Good Example:
(White puff-sleeve Angelic Pretty cut-sew for direct sale.)

Bad Example:
Hey everyone!
I have a really cute Angelic Pretty top for sale!
(Click here for details)

All sales must be gothic & lolita related.

My own note on this is: please be responsible with this. We DO NOT want this to be a purely sale-oriented community. Please don't abuse this priviledge or else it will be revoked.
.4. Advertizing for other communities isn't allowed unless you clear it by me first. Drop me a line at my own livejournal ((fy_sanctuary)) and I'll give you the thumbs up through there.
.5. Pictures lager than 400x400 must be under a lj-cut. No exceptions or else your post will be deleted.

additional information
Remember, this community is mainly for meet ups in the San Diego area. If you'd like to participate, please read the information post. If you have questions please feel free to ask on that post, or if information is lacking from there and you feel it should be made known, feel free to use disgression and write a post about it. Remember only one person is running this right now, so yeah, I'm bound to screw up somewhere.

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